How to Become a Better Husband in Five Steps

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Many men want to know how they can be better husbands. While different elements may be at play in any relationship, increasing closeness, helping around the house, communicating well and getting help for mental health issues can all assist in improving your ranking as a partner.

Spend Quality Time Together

To be a better husband, make sure you take the time to get closer to your wife. Wives have greater marital satisfaction when attachment to partners is strong, says 2011 research published in Personality and Relationships. You can get closer to your wife though mutually enjoyable activities, mutual respect and overall closeness. If your wife suggests snuggling on the couch and watching television when you’d rather be playing video games, give in and snuggle. Leave work early for a date night if that’s what moves her. And while you’re eating, show her you care by asking about her day and her goals. Bonding, in whatever form it takes, does wonders for a marriage, and leads to women who rate you as a better husband.

Help Around the House

If you want to be a better husband, do the dishes. Wives are happier when their husbands help around the house. When the division of household chores is more equal, wives are more satisfied in their marriages and have a better mental health overall.

Let Her Know You Love Her Body

Husbands have a significant effect on how their wives feel about their bodies, notes 2004 research published in “Sex Roles.” In this study, women who believed that their husbands were unsatisfied with their wive's appearance had a more negative view of their physique. But this perception often didn’t reflect how their husbands actually felt. Telling your wife that she’s beautiful will do wonders for her self-esteem and up your ranking in the husband department.


If you want to be a better husband, be ready to communicate and listen well. She wants to talk about her mother? Sit still and really pay attention. If you have trouble understanding what she is trying to tell you, be open about it and ask. You might also try rephrasing her statements or asking directly to make sure you understand what she is telling you. "I hear you saying that you are angry at me. Is it because I forgot to take out the trash yesterday?" Feeling understood can do wonders for your marriage and make your partner see you as a better husband.