Baseball Birthday Party Games

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Children and teens who play baseball or are fans of professional baseball teams may enjoy having a baseball-themed birthday party that incorporates baseball into the invitations, decorations and party games. In addition to the obvious idea of dividing guests into two teams to play a short game of baseball at the party, modify some traditional, simple party games to incorporate baseball items.

Dizzy Relay Race

Divide guests into two teams for a dizzying relay race best played on grass or another soft surface. Make each team run a relay course consisting of a starting cone and another cone about 10 to 15 yards away to mark where the players should turn around. If desired, place an obstacle between the cones, such as a hoop that players have to crawl through. On each player’s turn, he has to place one end of the baseball bat on the ground and bend over to rest his forehead on the other end of the bat as he spins around the bat five times. The player then runs the relay course and returns to tag the next player in line. The first team to get all its players through the relay course wins. Another relay idea is to have players carry a baseball on a large spoon through the relay course.

Pin the Bat on the Player

Instead of playing the classic birthday party game where guests are blindfolded and try to pin a picture of a tail in the correct location on a donkey, modify the game to fit the baseball theme. Print out a large picture of the birthday guest of honor’s favorite player, or purchase a poster of that player. Cut baseball bat shapes out of brown card stock, and have each guest write her name on her bat. Put a couple strips of double-sided tape on the back of each bat, and have guests take turns being blindfolded and placing their bats on the player, trying to get the handle as close to the player’s hands as possible.

Baseball Card Hunt

Before party guests arrive, hide baseball cards throughout the party room or the backyard if the weather is nice. Give guests five to 10 minutes for a baseball card hunt, and let them keep any baseball cards they find. Of course, guests can arrange trades with one another for cards that they did not find but would like to have.