Baptism Gifts for Baby Girls

A baby's baptism is a very special time for parents and one that they will always remember. The baby, of course, knows nothing about the baptism until she gets a little older. So the key to a good baptism gift for a baby girl is something that the parents will appreciate now and later and the baby will appreciate as she grows. Fortunately, there are many choices, from the cuddly to the commemorative.


Have something personalized for the baby girl. For example, give a silver cross suitable for hanging on a wall and have it engraved with the baby's name and baptism date. For an extra-girlie touch, have flowers etched on the cross. Parents will appreciate this gift immediately and the baby will appreciate it as she gets older. You can also personalize other items with the baby's name and baptism date, like a pink quilt. And if it's something you made by hand, so much the better--a handmade gift is likely to be cherished and perhaps passed along to the next generation.

Seasonal Gifts

Choose gifts that reflect the season when the baptism occurs. For example, slip a picture of the baptism into a snow globe if it is near Christmas. Or if it's in summer, choose a summery picture frame. These gifts can be displayed all year and will always be a reminder of the baptism. Another nice gift for little girls is a bouquet of seasonal flowers; pictures of the baby with the flowers make a nice keepsake, and when the flowers begin to wilt, the parents can press them and put them into a baby book.


Giving the little girl a cuddly gift, like a teddy bear, is another good choice. You might want to choose an animal that has significance for a baptism, such as a lamb. Have the baby's name and baptism date embroidered onto the animal or its clothing, or do it yourself.


Girls love jewelry, and while a baby girl might not be able to fully appreciate it, you can give her a piece of jewelry engraved to commemorate the baptism. Make sure the jewelry is good quality because when that baby grows up, she is sure to treasure such an item for years.


Little girls typically wear a special dress for their baptism, and one nice way to honor the occasion is to buy the dress. If you are not close enough to the parents to make this offer, think about buying a stand that the dress can go on--that way, the dress from this special day is on display and the girl is reminded of her religious commitment as she grows.