Banquet Hall Lighting Recommendations

Image by, courtesy of Muhammad

At a wedding reception, the banquet hall lighting does much more than simply light the room. Proper lighting helps create a mood of romance, entertainment and enjoyment. When planning a wedding reception, there are certain banquet hall lighting recommendations to consider.


Limit or avoid all sources of harsh or unflattering lighting in the banquet hall. If possible, use dimmers on overhead lights and keep all fluorescent lights turned off.

Pin Spots

Pin spots are focused beams of light that focus on and highlight a single object. Use pin spot lights to draw attention to table centerpieces, the wedding cake and photos of the couple.


Consider using a gobo, a stencil placed over a light to project a specific image or design onto a floor or wall. For a wedding reception, consider using your monogram or a specific image that relates to your wedding theme.

Color Scheme

Adjust the color of your lighting throughout the wedding reception. When the reception begins, use lighting with a soft, golden tone. During dinner, switch to lighting that simulates candlelight. As the dance floor fills up, switch to more vibrant tones, such as orange and purple.


In general, aim to only use colors that complement all skin tones, such as soft reds and pinks. Certain colors, such as green or yellow, may not be flattering on some people or objects.