Bachelorette Party Ideas for Under 21

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Bachelorette parties are typically thought of as drunken nights of dancing in clubs and male strippers. However not all brides or bridesmaids are 21 years old of legal drinking age to be able to partake in these festivities and well, not all brides want this kind of a party in the first place. There are tons of fun things you can do to celebrate a bride’s last night as a single woman having a good time with her closest friends.

Day Spa

Spend a day at the day spa relaxing and pampering yourselves. Get the bride a manicure, pedicure, massage and/or facial as a treat. Enjoy a nice light lunch and lay out in the sun with your lemonade or iced tea. It’s a calm way to spend the day with your best girlfriends and just enjoy each other's company.

Movie Night Slumber Party

Get some classic chick flicks, junk food and some things to give one another manicures and pedicures then let the girls only night begin. Make it mandatory that everyone wear cute pajamas and bring their favorite girly magazine. Then snuggle up and watch chick flicks while you munch on popcorn and giggle with your gal pals.

Pole Dancing Class

Take a pole dancing class. You only have to be 18 usually and sometimes only 16 so all of the bridal party should be able to participate. It’s a way to be “naughty” and learn some sexy moves regardless of age. Who needs alcohol? You’ll be laughing so much it’ll be like you’re drunk off of life.

Road Trip

Plan a weekend getaway to a destination you haven’t been to in a while. Or take a trip somewhere none of you have ever been and do some exploring. Be sure to grab the video camera and document your adventure into the unknown. It’ll be a trip the bride will never forget.

Extreme Sports

Just because you’re girls doesn’t mean you can’t play rough like the boys. Go snowboarding, sky diving or rock climbing. If the bride has a particular sport she loves then get the girls together and have everyone try it out. You might just be surprised by how much fun it can be, not to mention all the great photos you’ll capture to make into a scrapbook for your bridal buddy.

Comedy Club or Show

Go to a comedy club or see a show. You’ll be sure to laugh and there are lots of clubs that are 18+ where those of legal age can also enjoy a drink if they so choose. Or take in a show at the theater that the bride would like such as a Broadway production, musical or dance revue.