Baby Carriages Used in Weddings

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Baby carriages are typically used in weddings when a tiny member of the family is part of the entourage. A cute little niece, nephew, cousin or the bride and groom's own baby can be in of the wedding procession, riding in an elegant baby carriage. A bridesmaid, groomsman or even a flower girl can push it down the aisle.


Wicker baby carriages are popular choices when a baby is part of the wedding party. The wicker baby carriage had its beginnings in the late 1800s. Manufacturers of children's wicker products like cribs, bassinets, cradles, chairs and bedsteads began producing baby carriages. Soon after demand increased, products of better quality and design were introduced to the market. These captured the fancy of the Victorian upper class who appreciated the variety of designs and superior craftsmanship.


You can purchase a Victorian-style baby carriage in varnished natural wicker or painted white. This type of carriage can add an elegant touch to the wedding procession. Or, use a more contemporary baby pram if you are having a modern wedding theme. Always keep product safety in mind and choose safety over style. Rather than shopping in antique stores, consider purchasing new replicas of Victorian carriages that comply with government safety guidelines.

Picture Perfect

Utilize baby carriages, especially those with antique, Victorian designs for the wedding pictorial as well. Elegant infant prams make aesthetically interesting pieces and wonderful additions to wedding photographs. Have baby sit up in the carriage as the whole wedding party poses around it for group pictures. When you look back at the pictures years later, the baby carriage will prove to be a creative, classic element in your wedding photos.

Other Uses

Use the baby carriage for your own personal needs after the wedding day. Put your baby to sleep in it, take baby for a walk outdoors in it, or utilize it in your home decor. Alternatively, sell the carriage to photographers, wedding planners or other bridal suppliers when you no longer need it after your special day.