Baby Boy Card Saying Ideas

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A baby boy entering the world is a joyous reason to send a card to the new baby's family. Compose the saying yourself if commercial greeting cards don’t have just the phrase you're looking for. Write your sentiment in a blank baby card, or use light blue card stock and your best handwriting to convey your good wishes. Whether you use rhymes or wishes deep from your heart, the effort you take to create a special message will please the new parents.

Message to Whole Family

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Express your happiness by highlighting the change to the new parents’ family and acknowledge all members. “Our hearts filled with glee/When we heard you two had become three,” or “To love and to cherish forever more/Your beautiful family of four,” or “Your new little one has finally arrived/Our best wishes to your family of five” would be appropriate. Follow any of these with, “Congratulations on your baby boy.”

Message to Parents

Focus your words on what fine parents you think the couple will make. The saying can be long or short. “Congratulations on your new son/We think he’s the lucky one,” or “Perfect baby/Perfect parents/Perfection.” Follow the latter with, “Congratulations on your baby boy.” Or, if you have a longstanding relationship, write directly to the parents by saying, "John and Christine, We have watched you grow individually and as a couple and see what outstanding young people you have become. We are so happy for you about Adam's birth. He has wonderful role models to follow." You can't go wrong writing from your heart.


Use a famous baby-related quote, such as: “A new baby is like the beginning of all things -- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities,” by Eda J. Le Shan or “A baby is God's opinion that life should go on,” by Carl Sandburg. Follow the quotation with, “Congratulations on your baby boy.”

Message to Baby

Write something directly to the baby as a keepsake if you have a close relationship with the family. “Matthew, Welcome to this world. Know that Uncle Tim and Aunt Julie will be there for you every day. We love you.” Or, "Andrew, on this day that you are born, we wish for you a life of happiness and love. We will be with you every step of the way."