How to Avoid Negative Thoughts

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Unpleasant situations and major problems arise in our lives on a regular basis. We can chalk that up to being human. Usually, when these situations arise, we tend to think negatively. Sometimes we don't even know that we are doing so. In either case, you can avoid your negative thoughts by following the simple steps below.

Step 1

Turn the other cheek. This may sound a bit clichéd, but it is actually a good mechanism to use. The idea is to not allow the situation or problem affect you in a way that calls for a negative response. Turning the other cheek will help you avoid negative thoughts, because they are not the first thing on your mind.

Step 2

Practice meditation. There are many different forms of meditation. Some people meditate for spiritual purposes, while many others use meditation as a way to stay mentally sound and positive in a negative environment. Meditation is an excellent way to help you avoid negative thoughts. When those thoughts start to arise, you can block them out by practicing breathing techniques or physical stances.

Step 3

Learn to think about what you are thinking about. This may seem difficult, but you can save yourself many headaches if you are cognizant of the fact that you can actually block out thoughts. Start by telling yourself, "This is not what I want to think about. I need to avoid thinking negatively." You can also say, "I am a positive person," or "I am too positive for this to affect me in a negative way!"

Step 4

Think "happy thoughts." This may sound silly, but it is an effective way to combat negative thoughts. You can imagine yourself on a beach or in a better place. You can also think about something cute your child has done recently. Or think about the new promotion you received. You can even think about the fabulous dinner you are going to create tonight! All of these thoughts are positive ways to avoid negative thoughts.

Step 5

When you begin thinking negatively, make light of the situation by making a joke of yourself. Some negative thoughts can be so grotesque and inappropriate, they are disturbing. In this instance, realize that you have flown off the deep end and laugh at yourself: not for having the thought, but for simply thinking this way.