Attire Etiquette for the Grandparents of the Bride & Groom


0:04 hi my name is Cathy Butler and I'm the

0:08 owner formerly yours today we're going

0:10 to discuss a tire etiquette for the

0:13 grandparents of the bride and groom

0:15 well the grandparents have been around a

0:18 very long time and they're very excited

0:20 to go to this wedding it means so much

0:23 to them it's a very special occasion so

0:27 they deserve to look their very best as

0:29 well a lot of times when the grandmother

0:32 comes in she's very concerned she still

0:35 doesn't want to look too matronly but of

0:37 course she needs to be more covered so

0:40 beside me I picked a dress that is very

0:42 covering for any aged woman actually but

0:46 I think that the color and the styling

0:48 of this dress is really appropriate for

0:50 a grandmother it comes up a little bit

0:52 higher so it's very modest on the top

0:55 it's got a long sleeve which I have

0:57 found most grandmother's really do want

1:00 their arms covered and it's a really

1:02 pretty color

1:02 Mobb is so flattering to all skin types

1:06 and I have found that the grandmother

1:08 really does enjoy wearing this color

1:10 the grandfather well he usually wants to

1:13 wear either a very nice suit or a tuxedo

1:15 and that will depend on the style of the

1:18 wedding my name is Cathy Butler I'm the

1:21 owner of formerly yours and today we

1:24 discussed attire etiquette for the

1:26 grandparents of the bride and groom