Asking a Girl to Coffee on Facebook

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You've found a girl you're interested in and you want to ask her out to coffee. Perhaps the perfect opportunity has not presented itself yet, or maybe you're too shy to do it in person. Fear not: asking a girl to coffee on Facebook is easily done.

Get Started

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Log in to your Facebook account and make sure you're friends with the object of your affection. If not, find her Facebook profile and send her a friend request. Once she has accepted the friend request, it's time to make a date.

Send a Message

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Once you're in Facebook, you have two options to contact your friend: send her a message or use Facebook chat to ask her out. If the girl is online, a green dot will appear next to her name indicating that she is logged in and available to chat. Click her name in the Facebook chat bar. If she is not online, visit her profile and send her a message.

Make the Date

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Be confident in your request. Tell her you would like to take her out for coffee. If you know of a specific cafe she enjoys, offer to meet there; if a new spot looks interesting and fun, let her know you'd like to check it out with her.

A Successful First Date

Meeting for coffee is a relaxed first date and provides a chance for you both to determine whether or not there is enough chemistry to plan a more ambitious outing. Relationship expert and dating coach Sheila Paxton notes that a coffee date is not intimidating and doesn't involve commitment if things don't go well.