Applying Powder Foundation to Contour Nose


0:00 In this clip I'm going to show you how to contour the nose using the powder. I will

0:04 start with a color that is about two shades darker than her natural color and I'm using

0:09 a flat eyeshadow brush and I'm just going to lightly dust the color right along the

0:14 brim of her nose and up unto underneath her eyebrow. And then just lightly dust it down.

0:21 And then go in the other side and starting underneath the brow and just lightly dust

0:30 it along the brim of her nose. And this is really going to help shape her nose and give

0:37 a little more definition to the face. This is good if you've ever broken your nose, you

0:44 have any areas that you're self-conscious about, you kind of want to hide a little bit,

0:51 you can contour with a darker color and that will help make it not stand out as much. And

1:01 then I'm going to go right along the bottom and just dust it lightly. And I'm going to

1:09 go in with a lighter color. It's about two shades lighter than her natural skin color

1:17 and I'm just going to lightly dust right along the brim of her nose and up through her forehead

1:24 and then kind of blend that edge together. You don't want any harsh lines. You want it

1:31 to look all very natural so make sure you really blend. And that's how you contour the

1:35 nose using powder.