Anniversary Gifts for a Sister

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People celebrate anniversaries for many occasions---the first time a person met a significant other, a wedding, college graduation, a retirement, a death or any other point in life that is memorable. Give a gift to a loved sister to let her know that you join in her celebration and remembrance of the special day. A gift that is tied specifically to that memory will be cherished for its consideration.

Remembering the Place

If your sister is celebrating her fifth anniversary of marriage, remind her of the city in which the ceremony took place. For instance, for a Boston wedding, a Boston snow globe would be appropriate to remember a winter wedding, while a framed picture of the Independence Day celebrations on the Boston Commons might be ideal for a summer wedding. Wherever the event happened, you'll find a gift that can remind your sister of her big day.

Remembering the Length

The right number on the gift will remind your sister of the specific anniversary. Celebrate your sister's 10th anniversary of graduating from nursing school with 10 $10.00 gift certificates for the local nursing supply store. Remember the fourth anniversary of her retirement by hosting a dinner for the two of you plus her two closest friends at a nice restaurant. For her 20th wedding anniversary, give her 20 lottery tickets with a potentially large payoff.

Remembering the People

Many anniversaries involve other people, and helping your sister remember them keeps the focus on relationships. Have custom bobble-head dolls made of her and her husband for a wedding anniversary celebration. A lovely framed picture of your parents might ease some of your sister's pain on an anniversary of their passing. Or, arrange for a person from the past to show up to commemorate the anniversary, such as her favorite teacher from high school for the 15th anniversary of graduation.

Remembering the Family

The gift that no one else can give a sister is the gift of family. Pulling together a family get-together and party to celebrate an anniversary of any kind shows that she is loved and cherished by those who know her the best. Whether you throw a coffee-and-cake celebration in a basement rec room or a sit-down dinner at a fancy hall with hundreds of invitees, your sister will know that she is part of a family that supports her---the best gift of all.