Anniversary Gifts for 21 Years

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Reaching a 21-year anniversary in your marriage is a great accomplishment. Unfortunately, finding the right gift for the occasion may be a hard task. You cannot surprise your spouse with a specific flower, since this anniversary does not have flowers associated with it. Find gifts incorporating the traditional theme of nickel or brass, or the gemstone Iolite.

Brass and Nickel Gifts

Using the brass and nickel theme does not have to be as typical as you would expect. Of course you have brass brooches, engraved brass photo frames, nickel snap clips and other accessories to choose from, but you should turn the gift up a notch. Use your creative juices to incorporate the modern theme in a more luxurious gift. For instance, purchase tickets to go on a vacation to another island or to watch a favorite sports team play or prepare a five-star meal for your spouse in your own home.

To add the theme to these ideas, leave a note on the bed or at the door with instructions to follow the trail of nickels you have left leading to the main gift. This adds a dimension of romance and shows effort.

Iolite Gifts

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but diamonds are definitely not the only jewelry choice. There are iolite gemstones to choose from when purchasing a 21st wedding anniversary gift.

Iolite is a violet blue color that is compared to a light blue sapphire. It also comes in shades of yellow and gray. Iolite is not rare, therefore there are affordable gifts associated with this gemstone.

Select from watches, rings, beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other types of jewelry for this milestone celebration.

Themed Gifts

To be creative, purchase gifts that include the number 21. Choose from music, movies, books, clothing and other items.

Some examples include the novel "21st Century Warriors" or the movie "21".

If you want to incorporate the brass and nickel theme, purchase a CD or buy tickets to a concert by his favorite bass band or the group Nickelback.

Purchase a bouquet of balloons that read “Happy 21st Anniversary” and have them delivered to your spouse at work or surprise him or her with the balloons when they get home.