Alternatives to Clinking Glasses at a Wedding

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It has become a tradition at wedding receptions for guests to tap their glasses with flatware to have the couple kiss. At some weddings, the couple seems to be kissing every three to five minutes because of overzealous guests. Brides and grooms have come up with some alternatives to this noisy activity that are more interesting and help keep the requests to a more comfortable number. Have the bandleader, emcee or DJ announce the substitution; place notes on the tables explaining the details of the new activity.

Barnyard Sounds

If the sound of the glasses is not music to your ears, select an alternative. Assign each table an animal sound. If the guests at a table would like to see you kiss, they have to bark like dogs, moo like cows or trumpet like elephants for you to smooch. This is a comical way to involve the wedding guests in the tradition, especially younger guests. It will take a group effort for them to be heard so they have to team together to perform the sound. Guests may not be as likely to moo, meow and crow as they are to simply pick up a knife and tap a glass.

Charitable Donations

If your guests want to see the couple kiss, they may have to pay for it. Select a charity and raise money while entertaining guests. Set up a large box at the front of the dance floor near the DJ or bandleader. Make a sign that explains the concept as well as what charity the money benefits. The DJ or bandleader will announce that anyone who wants to see the couple kiss has to slide some cash into the box instead of clinking their glasses. Each time there is a donation, you and your new spouse indulge the donor and the crowd with a kiss. Be sure to have someone designated ahead of time to take the money to the charity while you are on your honeymoon.

Sage Advice

A kiss may be granted in exchange for words of wisdom. Have guests stand up and give you words of advice before you kiss. They might offer entertaining or heartfelt information, or less-successful ones can offer ideas about what not to do in a marriage. It will be interesting to hear people’s takes on what makes a successful marriage as many guests may be from different generations, backgrounds and cultures. Thank each guest who offers advice and kiss your spouse.

Singing Request

Some couples may ask for a performance for a performance at their receptions. When the guests at a table would like for you to kiss, instead of the clinking, ask them to stand up and perform a song that includes the word "love." See how many words they can remember of the song before you relent and perform a kiss. As the evening goes on, song selection gets harder and requests should diminish.