Activities for a Friend Moving Away

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In today's mobile society, you'll likely be faced at some point with having to say good-bye to a close friend who relocates. Farewells are never easy, but preparing meaningful activities to give your friend a memorable send-off makes the process more bearable. Plan farewell activities with your friend's likes and dislikes in mind to create lasting memories.

Relive the Past

Activities that provide the opportunity for your friend to remember or relive some of the best times you've shared are bound to be both bittersweet and memorable. Choose locations where significant moments occurred. Consider an entire day shopping in your favorite stores, playing sports or hanging out in your local haunts. Ask your friend in advance if there's a particular location or event that he'd like to see or do before he departs. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture these treasured moments.

Make New Memories

There are likely some interesting local places your friend meant to see but never did. Buy a guidebook to your city to look for spots she might have overlooked. Pretend that you're tourists and visit some of these destinations. Consider renting a limo with two or three other friends for several hours and visit as many locales as possible. Bring a camera to record the action.

The Farewell Party

Arrange a farewell party for the significant people in your friend's life. Consider making it a sleepover -- even adults enjoy sharing memories all night. In advance, ask each guest to write an anecdote about a significant experience with your friend. Ask them to include photos that showcase these events, and arrange the photos and written memories in a scrapbook. Collect videos of your friend, edit them and play them at the party. Play a CD of your friend's favorite music or songs on the theme of farewells.

Gift Ideas

Prepare a list of your friend's acquaintances' email addresses and phone numbers so it'll be easier for your friend to maintain contact with them. Get all the friends together for a group portrait and frame it as a special keepsake. A digital picture frame preloaded with memorable photos is also sure to please. If several friends chip in, you could purchase a ticket for your friend to return to town for a future visit.