About Velveeta Cheese


Velveeta cheese is a brand-name product that is not considered a true cheese but a processed cheese food. With the palette of American cheese, Velveeta is packaged in a block-like form, wrapped in an airtight foil and then boxed to be sold in commercial grocery stores. With a variety of recipes that can be derived from Velveeta cheese as well as the convenience of use and the long shelf life of the product, Velveeta is a popular food choice among people of all ages.


The significance of using Velveeta cheese in recipes and dips creates versatility in foods that can be served. Velveeta is well sought after for its ability to easily melt and blend with other foods. Velveeta is unlikely to burn like regular cheese and can withstand higher temperatures than dairy cheeses. Velveeta is beneficial to those who are lactose intolerant and helps curb food allergies and dairy intolerance for those who are affected.


Velveeta is a mild cheese food product that has a cross between a sharp and an American cheese flavor. There are different varieties of Velveeta product flavors, such as a 2 percent lower-fat brand and bacon and jalapeño flavors. Velveeta cheese also has its own macaroni and cheese brand, which is boxed as a convenience to consumers. Velveeta melts nicely in a microwave as well as over a stove top, and easily accepts other foods nicely such as macaroni, meats and vegetables.

Time Frame

The time frame for the longevity of Velveeta can be found on the side of the box of the product, but it typically has a shelf life of six months, making it a good perishable item as opposed to dairy-based cheese. To prepare Velveeta over a low heat on a stove, it takes around 15 minutes to melt completely. In a microwave, a cup of cubed Velveeta can take around two minutes on high heat to melt, while being stirred frequently. When Velveeta is implemented into oven meals and casseroles, it melts gradually as per the recipe.


The effect of Velveeta cheese is the quick time it takes to prepare and cook the meals. Cubing Velveeta or slicing it takes only a few minutes, and then the Velveeta is ready to be utilized into the recipe. Many prefer Velveeta cheese in common recipes such as hot grilled cheeses, cold ham-and-cheese sandwiches as well as in macaroni-and-cheese casseroles. Velveeta is not stringy like dairy cheese and provides a creamy, tasty effect that is enjoyed by many.


The potential for using Velveeta cheese in recipes has grown in popularity over the years. Some of the most popular recipes are dips from Velveeta cheeses that have salsa, chili with beans, ground taco meat and mixed vegetables mixed into the hot cheese. These dips are popular when served with butter crackers, pretzels, raw vegetables and tortilla chips. Homemade cheese casseroles that have Velveeta implemented with noodles and vegetables and meats such as ham and hamburger are popular for meals from which two or more people will be eating.