About Nu Skin

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Nu Skin is best known for its line of skin products that can be used to treat certain conditions as well as to support healthy skin. Like other beauty-related companies such as Avon and Mary Kay, Nu Skin sells its products through a network of sales representatives. It offers several types of products and backs up their effectiveness with scientific research.


Nu Skin is a line of skin care products sold through direct marketing. According to "The New York Times," Nu Skin operates globally in more than 48 markets, and 85% of its revenue in 2008 came from countries outside the United States. It currently has more than 761,000 sales representatives, independent distributors and preferred customers who are actively involved in marketing its products.


In addition to products to maintain healthy skin, Nu Skin offers several types of products for specific uses. These include products to slow the aging process, brighten skin tone and fight acne. Products in each of these lines include cleansers, toners, lotions, creams and masks.


All Nu Skin products are formulated based on skin care science. This information is used to formulate the products and ensure they are effective at their stated purpose. For example, the antiaging products incorporate antioxidants to combat damage caused by free radicals. The acne products work on prior acne effects such as scarring and hyperpigmentation, as well as mitigating current causes by opening the pores, killing bacteria and soothing the skin. Future outbreaks are prevented by keeping the pores open and supporting healthy skin.


In order to prove the effectiveness of its products, Nu Skin regularly conducts clinical trials. These provide objective evidence of a product's effectiveness. Results of these trials are reported on the Nu Skin website. In addition to evaluating product effectiveness, scientists funded by Nu Skin have gathered information on skin health and the factors that contribute to aging. For example, a Stanford University study discovered the correlation between an enzyme called arNOX and visible aging signs.


Nu Skin products are sold through independent distributors who sell them directly to customers. These distributors are recruited by current Nu Skin sales people who receive a portion of their earnings. They, in turn, can recruit their own set of salespeople.

Other Brands

In addition to its skin care line, the Nu Skin company is associated with two other brands. The first, Pharmanex, applies pharmaceutical concepts to a nutritional supplements system and a natural weight loss system. The second, Big Planet, allows people to store and organize digital content.


According to the Consumer Awareness Institute, Nu Skin has several characteristics of a multilevel marketing company. There are various levels of salespeople, and they are required to bring in new recruits as well as sell Nu Skin products themselves in order to make a good income. Much of the income brought in by newer salespeople goes to the people in their upline, such as their recruiter.