About Cougar Dating Sites


0:00 hi I'm Donna Barnes I'm a life and

0:03 dating coach and owner of NY dating

0:05 coach in New York City in this clip

0:09 we'll talk about cougar dating sites now

0:12 these are all for older women and

0:15 younger men in case you didn't know what

0:16 a cougar was but it's become quite the

0:19 popular thing so both of these sites

0:22 there's cougar dot-com which you can

0:25 check out the women's gallery or the

0:27 men's ballot gallery and it's only for

0:30 older women and younger men so if you're

0:32 not in one of those categories then it's

0:34 not for you but you know there's blogs

0:36 and you can upload pictures and much

0:38 more it's free to join but you've got to

0:40 read the fine print I think you probably

0:42 have to pay once you start contacting

0:45 people and then there's also data cougar

0:48 comm that again you know is sign up for

0:52 free and you can browse and check out

0:55 who's on there and this one looks like

0:57 it's not quite as stringent of like has

1:00 to be an older man younger woman but

1:02 obviously that's what they're heading

1:05 towards and it says that they're the

1:06 number one cougar dating community on

1:08 the net so you can probably find some

1:11 nice matches out there this is Donna

1:13 Barnes from New York City