About Citizens of Humanity Jeans

2006 jm3 / Creative Commons

Citizens of Humanity jeans is a big name in the ranks of premium denim, selling in hot stores like Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Revolve Clothing. With a rich design pedigree and reputation for quality, Citizens of Humanity releases two new collections per year for men and women. Designer Jerome Dahan mixes the knowledge of mentor Adriano Goldschmeid with long-standing industry credibility to craft a sleek, popular brand of denim.


Founder and designer Jerome Dahan created Citizens of Humanity after co-founding Lucky Brand jeans. With a long and feted career in denim, Dahan then went on to start the 7 for All Mankind premium brand. After the huge success of the 7 brand, Dahan took the lessons learned from famed jean designer Adriano Goldschmeid and created Citizens of Humanity in 2003. In 2006, Dahan entered an investment deal with investment firm Berkshire Partners for increased capital.


BusinessWire states, "Dahan is largely credited with creating denim designs that are more comfortable to wear and more flattering in both styling and fit." Citizens of Humanity jeans are no different. The jeans are hand-crafted and produced in small batches, commanding a ticket price of roughly $150 per pair. Most of the jeans have a vintage look, and are created to fit the body comfortably without gaping or pulling in strategic areas.


Citizens of Humanity is a standout among many luxury jean lines because of fit, quality and style. The designer has a huge amount of experience crafting jeans, and it shows in the amount of glowing reviews from merchants and peers in the industry. Dahan's previous line, 7 for All Mankind, is famous for its individual serial numbers and emphasis on exclusivity; he carries the tradition over to Citizens of Humanity, where two pairs of jeans are never going to be precisely alike.


Citizens of Humanity clothing is available for both women and men. In addition, the line offers a maternity collection. There are new styles every fashion season, as well as various silhouettes such as cropped, skinny and flare. The seasonal variations also include different weights of denim; there are stiff skinny jeans as well as flowing, loose trouser or boyfriend cuts. Rinses range from super dark to very light, with some tie-die variations in certain cuts.


Because Citizens of Humanity products are so highly regarded and pricey, there's a place for them on the counterfeit market. Several eBay sellers have written buyer's guides to caution innocent purchasers against the fraudulent merchandise, though it's hard to discern true quality over the Internet. The only way to purchase authentic Citizens of Humanity jeans is through a reputable seller or department store; avoid auctions and shops that offer the garments for super-cheap prices. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.