A Valentine's Day Gift for a New Girlfriend

valentines day image by Michael Shake from Fotolia.com

Valentine's Day is a holiday all about love and romance. Choosing a gift for a new girlfriend can be a bit tricky, especially if you have not whispered those three little words to each other yet. There are a variety of choices available that will show your new girlfriend that you are into her but still reflect a casual or new relationship.

Movie Night

Plan a cozy movie night for you and your new girlfriend to enjoy on Valentine's Day. Select a romantic comedy to watch for a lighthearted choice or choose a favorite film or a movie that you saw together when you first met. Purchase a variety of her favorite snacks and beverages to enjoy while watching the movie and pamper her with a relaxing foot massage.

Fancy Dinner

Surprise your new girlfriend to a night of fine dining for Valentine's Day. Choose a new restaurant in town or an upscale place that she has always wanted to try. If you are not sure of her favorite cuisine or whether she has any food allergies, ask her close friends or family for advice before choosing the restaurant. Call ahead to make reservations and inquire about the dress code, so you can let your girlfriend know how formal to dress.

Spa Day

Treat your new girlfriend to a relaxing Valentine's Day with a pampering afternoon at the spa. Purchase a gift card for her so she can choose her own treatments and make the appointment at her leisure. Another option would be to surprise her by booking an appointment for her on Valentine's Day and include popular treatment options such as a massage and facial. If booking an appointment yourself, call a couple of months ahead of time as slots fill quickly on this holiday.

Custom Necklace

Give your new girlfriend a custom necklace for a Valentine's gift. Choose a necklace in her preferred metal -- gold, silver or platinum -- and have it customized with her birthstone or a charm of her favorite interests, such as an animal, hobby or sports. Another option would be to have her name engraved on a square or round charm for a personalized touch.