A DIY Bridal Bouquet Holder

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When you spend a lot of time choosing the flowers and design for your wedding bouquet, the white plastic bouquet holder many florists use may not fit your wishes. Metal holders can be costly. Safe yourself some budget dollars and make your own bridal bouquet holder out of soft foam pipe, ribbon and your own creative beading.

Cut an 8-inch long piece of gray pipe insulation with the utility knife. This soft pipe generally comes in 6-foot lengths.

Cut a 24-inch piece of satin ribbon. Choose white or cream to match your wedding gown.

Cover a work surface with parchment paper. Place the ribbon flat on the surface. Secure the ends of the ribbon to the surface with the clear tape.

Glue crystal craft beads to the top edge of the ribbon. Begin at the left corner 3 inches from the end and work your way to the right. Leave 3 inches of ribbon free of beads. Let the glue dry for at least 30 minutes.

Lay the pipe insulation flat on the work surface. Take the left end of the ribbon and wrap it around the top of the tube with 1/4-inch of the ribbon sticking up over the top of the tube.

Place three to four dots of hot glue on the flat top of the tube insulation. There is about a 1/4-inch of flat surface around the hole in the tube.

Fold the excess ribbon over the top of the insulation tube. Press the ribbon down onto the glue until all the excess ribbon covers the flat surface around the hole on the top of the tube.

Wrap the ribbon around the tube until you reach the end. Make sure the ribbon is tight around the tube and the crystal beads are 2-inches apart as you work your way down. The plain 3-inches of ribbon should end up with 1/4-inch sticking out over the end of the tube.

Dab hot glue on the bottom of the insulation tube. Fold over the excess ribbon and press it onto the glue.