Are There Benefits of Cocoa Butter Lotion?

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There is a lot of discussion about the possible wonders locked into cocoa butter lotion. Sold primarily in over-the-counter formulas, cocoa butter is derived from the fat of cocoa beans. Depending on the brand, some versions may contain 100-percent cocoa butter. While many of the claims sound promising, keep in mind that no lotion is likely to cure any skin condition.

Dry Skin Prevention

Cocoa butter lotion is thick compared to most moisturizers. Its consistency may benefit dry skin because it traps water to effectively lock in hydration. Your body temperature melts the lotion, and it is absorbed without leaving a greasy aftermath. Refrain from using cocoa butter on your face if you have oily or combination skin; the lotion will increase oiliness.

Possible Eczema Protectant

Besides dry skin, certain skin conditions -- eczema in particular -- may benefit from cocoa butter lotion. Eczema, also called dermatitis, is a condition marked by dry and inflamed skin patches. Cocoa butter lotion acts as a protectant and discourages itching. Scratching eczema patches increases your risk of infection. Cocoa butter may reduce immunoglobulin, a substance that is known for increasing eczema problems.

Stress-Freeing Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has a reputation for decreasing stress and promoting relaxation. Cocoa butter lotion is used by some spas during massages because its scent is thought to promote relaxing effects. When you prefer a lotion without an overpowering scent, try cocoa butter for its de-stressing effects.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in brand-name lotions dedicated to treat and prevent pregnancy stretch marks. However, there is no scientific proof that cocoa butter alone can prevent stretch marks from rapid weight gain. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a 2008 study of 175 pregnant women showed no difference between cocoa butter lotion and a placebo in the prevention of stretch marks. If you use cocoa butter lotion during pregnancy, the deep moisturizing effects of cocoa butter may retain your skin’s overall nature and smoothness, but it won't prevent stretch marks.