How to Make a Sea Salt Spray for Hair

by Kay Ireland ; Updated July 18, 2017

Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Amanda Seyfried and Kate Hudson have all sported enviable beachy, loose waves that look as if they were naturally formed by the salty sea air. Get the secret to achieving this laidback, modern classic and debut perfectly tousled hair and amped-up texture even if you haven't spent the day at the shore with a homemade sea salt spray using ingredients commonly found at your drugstore.

Rinse out a used spray bottle, or purchase one from the drugstore; you'll find them near the sample-sized products. Fill it with 8 oz. of clean water. "Glamour" magazine notes that purified or distilled water is best and will not leave mineral deposits on your hair. Double the amount of water if you have hair that is longer than your shoulders.

Place 1 teaspoon sea salt, found in your grocery store baking aisle, in the bottle for every 8 ounces of water used. Shake well to distribute the salt throughout the bottle and to dissolve. Finely ground sea salt with dissolve faster than coarse salt.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of conditioner into the bottle. Salt may dry your hair or make it feel coarse. The conditioner will help counteract the drying and keep your hair flexible and soft. Use a coconut-scented conditioner for a beachy-smelling hairspray that smells like the sun, sand and sunscreen.

Squeeze in a small dollop of hair gel, about 1/2 teaspoon, to help enhance the salt's holding ability for a longer-lasting hairstyle. Put the top back on the spray bottle, and shake well to combine. Remember that the ingredients will never fully combine and you will need to shake it again before each use.

Use the spray on damp hair that you intend to air dry. Shake the bottle and spray all over, scrunching and twisting as you go to create a natural but sexy wavy look.