90th Birthday Favor Ideas

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The birthday party originated in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits by bringing family and friends together to bring good wishes to the celebrant. People still surround loved ones on their birthdays, and felicitous party favors can help make the 90th birthday of the guest of honor extra special.

Personalized Tea Bags

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Personalized tea bags as party favors give guests something that they can use in the company of a dear friend. At a later time, they will be reminded of the guest of honor as they sit to sip a cup of warm tea. See the Resources section for online companies that make personalized tea bags.

Candy-Filled Doilies

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Because life is sweet, and in a Harvard Alumni health study it was found that eating candy is associated with greater longevity, offer each guest a sample of the honoree's favorite candy wrapped in an antique doily or handkerchief tied with ribbon. Doilies or small, hand-embroidered hankies found at antiques stores have a vintage feel and are often embroidered with special flowers or sayings appropriate for someone who has been alive for almost a century.

Classic Postcards

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Before email, people wrote letters and notes on postcards and personalized stationary. Go back in time 75 years to the days when your 90th birthday celebrant was 15 years old. Buy valentines, postcards and love letters from the era. Antiques stores often have boxes of this kind of ephemera, documents and paper goods intended for one-time use, but still in circulation. Place a note card or love letter at each person's place setting as a favor.