Personal Hygiene Activities

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Even if your schedule is booked from sunrise to sunset, it's important to make time for personal hygiene. Daily cleansing and grooming will not only make you feel refreshed, but it also will improve your overall health. When cleansed and nourished, the body is able to reach its optimum performance level -- develop a hygiene routine to look and feel your best.

Hair Care

Clean hair prevents buildup that can irritate both the scalp and facial skin. Massage a shampoo into the roots of damp hair using your fingertips to stimulate blood flow and hair growth. Use a moisturizing oil-based shampoo for dry hair, and a silicone-free shampoo to avoid weighing down fine hair. Once a week, opt for a deep-cleansing shampoo to remove product buildup completely and give your hair a fresh start. Wash your locks every other day to avoid stripping your hair and to give your scalp's natural oils a chance to nourish strands.

Body Care

Cleanse your body daily to wash away bacteria and keep odor at bay. Reach for an antibacterial body wash or soap and use a shower to buff away dead skin. Regularly shave or wax your underarms if you are prone to underarm odor, as hair traps odor and dirt. Apply deodorant both morning and night if needed to block sweat glands and prevent the growth of bacteria. If you are sensitive to deodorant, soak a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and wipe it over your armpits twice a day instead. Wear loose fitting clothing to minimize sweating.

Facial Care

Developing a skincare routine to suit your needs will ensure a clear and comfortable complexion. Choose an oil-based cleanser for dry skin, a balancing cleanser for combination skin and a salicylic acid cleanser for acne-prone and oily skin. Cleanse morning and night, using your fingertips to massage the product into your skin to stimulate cell turnover. Trade your cleanser for a clay mask once a week to purify pores, regardless of your skin type. Use a cotton pad to sweep a toner over your skin morning and night. A balancing toner prevents your skin from producing excess oils and helps keep pores clear. Follow up with a moisturizer formulated for your skin type to protect yourself from environmental aggressors; choose one with a minimum of SPF 30 to avoid sun damage.

Mouth Care

A clean mouth can help to prevent bodily health problems and ensure a well groomed appearance. Brush your teeth morning and night and gently scrub your gums in the process. Use an electric toothbrush if your teeth are prone to plaque. Floss once a day, ideally at night, to remove food buildup. Reach for a mouth wash to help kill odorous bacteria if you're prone to bad breath. Visit the dentist twice a year; opt for three times a year if you've had extensive dental work completed previously.