85th Birthday Favor Ideas

giovane e anziano image by UBE from Fotolia.com

When people turn 85, they have reached a point in their lives where they have overcome the worries that hold so many young people back. They don't care what people think anymore. Their sense of humor is refined. They have lived a full life and have acquired wisdom and respect. Choose party favors for your 85-year-old's birthday to reflect these important qualities.

Personalized Figurine

Small personalized dolls made in the image of the elderly person help to embrace old age with a sense of humor. Design online your own figurine of the person who is turning 85 by uploading a picture of the person. Choose a body and outfit to match the person's own style and energy. For an inexpensive way to create your own figurines, make them yourself. Small wooden artist dummies are readily available at art stores. Purchase one for each of your guests and paint them to look just like the birthday person. Personalized figurines are visceral mementos that can be cherished for years to come.

Miniature Wine Bottles

Like your 85-year-old friend or relative, wine also gets better with age. Miniature wine bottles are charming gifts that represent maturation, culture, tradition and history. They are available in a variety of different types and in sizes. Buy them online in bulk or wholesale and they are very inexpensive.

Quoted Candy

85-year-old people are rich with wisdom. Choose one of the birthday celebrant's original quotes and have it written on custom candy. This way their wise words can go home with each of your guests. Design them to be made in bulk and they are inexpensive favors. All types of candies can be designed, such as lollipops, chocolate and gum.