8 Office-Friendly Holiday Gifts

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Finding the perfect holiday gift for your co-workers can be tricky. “You don’t want to get too personal with gifts for people in the office,” says Lindsay Roberts, founder of TheGiftInsider.com. “Even if you know them well, it’s good to give them something that they can use in the office or something that isn’t too expensive.” She suggests opting for items that are interesting, fun and show off your personality.

Expandable Vases

For the flower lover who also enjoys saving space, Roberts likes collapsible vases like the Vazu Vases by Cool Designs. “The vases come in different shapes and lots of patterns,” she says. “They are reusable, so once your bouquet stops bloomin' you can fold 'em up and put them in the drawer for next time.”

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Fun Office Supplies

Roberts says companies like Knock Knock make fun office supplies like funky sticky notes or creative to-do list pads. These are items “you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, but are perfect for office or co-worker gifts” because they give just the right hint of personality and aren’t too expensive.

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Colorful Mugs

Make their morning caffeine fix more vibrant with brightly colored mugs. Roberts likes the Pantone-colored mugs made by Kate Spade New York. “Inside they have cute sayings like ‘skirt the rules’ or ‘seize the day.’” Hey, a little dose of inspiration in the early hours of the day never hurt anyone.


Daily Grind

Generous bosses who want to treat their staff to something they can use year-round may consider fancy coffee makers like a Starbucks Verismo or a Bodum French press, says Roberts. This is a spin on the traditional cans of tea or coffee and also offers a way for co-workers to interact each day.

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Home and garden experts can show off their craftiness and green thumbs by designing little mossy wonderland terrariums for their co-workers' desks. Not too expensive and easily altered to reflect each person’s interests, these glass centerpieces offer a focal point when everyone gathers for meetings (or for daydreaming).

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Mittens and Gloves

What cold climate dweller doesn’t need an extra pair of mittens or gloves each winter? Roberts likes these bright yellow “taxi” mittens from Kate Spade New York that are not only cute, but also practical. “Easiest way to hail a taxi!” she says. “Warm and cozy with a little attitude.”

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DIY Dessert

The office is overrun with sweets during the holiday season, but that doesn’t always hold true for your co-workers' home life. Roberts suggests layering all the nonperishable fixings for your favorite cookies or brownies in glass jars and presenting the containers and the printed recipe to everyone in the office. If you’re lucky, they might even bring the finished results in for you to taste.

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Smartphone Charger

Does your staff have company-provided smartphones? Ensure that no one can use the “my phone died” excuse anymore with the gift of a phone charger. Roberts likes the bohemian-style portable iPhone chargers from Uncommon Goods because they’re “functional, affordable, adorable and so cute.”

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