Rose Water's Moisturizing Benefits

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Rose water moisturizer offers many different benefits for the skin, from aromatherapy to moisturizing to antibacterial properties. While many commercial preparations are available, the Thrifty Fun website suggests that you can make your own by mixing 1 tsp. rose oil in 1/2 cup water and adding that to 1/4 cup glycerin. Slather the mixture over dry skin to both moisturize and heal.


A mix of rose water and glycerin can help seal in the skin's moisture when used at night, according to an article featured on the Ayurveda Health Care website. It is also a soothing preparation to apply after exposure to the sun, as the rose water has a cooling effect on the skin.


Rose water contains phenyl ethanol, which acts as an antiseptic and eugenol, an astringent and can be used to treat acne or other skin blemishes. The Acne Home website reports that treating pimples for a week with rose water should help heal acne. The rose water will help to dry the acne while the glycerin or other ingredients will help lock in moisture without clogging pores.


Rose water moisturizer not only helps your skin, the scent can help calm and focus you. Organic Facts reports the benefits of rose water to include boosting self-esteem, revving libido and calming headaches.