Natural Ways to Get Rid of Gray Hair

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Not everybody is ready to let their hair go gray. If you fall into that category but are not ready to jump into coloring your hair full time, there are natural solutions to be tried first. Some solutions have results, but success varies from person to person.

Sage or Senna

Sage is an herb that might restore hair color when used consistently for a few months. Sage saturates the hair strands and eventually makes the hair look black, rather than gray. You can make your own infusion by boiling sage in water and letting the resulting tea seep for a few hours. After that, you can either wash or spray your hair with the mix and let it dry naturally. Do not shampoo until the next day. Henna can also help those who want to go back to their dark roots. Henna can be bought as powder at health food stores or herb shops. If you don’t mind the brassy red that results from using henna, apply it by itself. If you would rather have a softer color, mix henna with chamomile extract. Henna takes on quickly and penetrates deeply into the hair cuticle. If you have mostly gray hair (rather than just a few strands), use a small amount of henna or go for chamomile alone.

Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, gray hair is the result of an imbalance of chi (energy). As a result, some of the medicines used to treat energy imbalances can also be used to get rid of gray hair. He shou wu is a popular Chinese medicinal herb that is often prescribed to treat premature aging, including wrinkles and gray hair. The dried root can be used to make tea, or you can buy ready-made tablets. While there are no studies that prove its benefits when it comes to restoring hair color, the Chinese have been using it for centuries. Studies in China, however, have shown that the herb has strong healing abilities and can be used to treat tuberculosis and other health problems.

Tag Alder Bark

If you had naturally light hair and want to go back to the blond or light-brown tones, your best bet is tag alder bark. You can find bark chips at specialty herb shops. To prepare the rinse, simmer about half a cup of chips in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes and let cool down. Then use as the senna. This works better when done regularly (about four times a week) over a period of at least a month. Once the hair turns a brownish color, you can maintain it by repeating the process once a month.