7 DIYs to Stock Your Jewelry Box

DIY Spiked Pearl Bib Necklace

From statement necklaces to sparkly earrings, a solid stash of jewelry projects is a stylish DIYer's best friend. Of course, sometimes even the most amazing collections need a mini makeover. To start you off, we gathered seven of our favorite DIYs to fill your jewelry box.

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7. Delicate Charm Necklace

DIY Delicate Charm Necklace

To make this dainty layering piece, you need just a few basic supplies and minimal jewelry-making skills. Wear it with a solid-colored T-shirt for a ladylike look, or pair it with a strapless top and let it shine on its own.

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6. Fabric-Wrapped and Beaded Bangle

DIY Fabric Wrapped and Beaded Bangle

Add life to your jewelry box by transforming a plain bangle into a wearable work of art. All you need is fun fabric and contrasting seed beads. This project might look complicated, but all it takes is a few straight stitches and an afternoon.

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5. Spiked Pearl Bib Necklace

Spiked Pearl Bib Necklace

Whoever said a girly-girl can't be edgy was totally wrong. With this project, you can combine the best of both worlds for a seriously eye-catching statement necklace. This tutorial also shows you how to create a beaded chain made from pearls and wire.

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4. Double Pearl Ring

DIY Double Pearl Ring

For another unique take on pearls, try this wrapped ring project. Because the finished product is adjustable, you can switch it up and wear it on different fingers for different looks.

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3. Oversized Tassel Necklace

DIY Oversized Tassel Necklace

All you need is a skein of thread and a metal bead to make a flirty tassel necklace. Inexpensive embroidery thread makes this project a budget-friendly addition to your collection. This tutorial even demonstrates how to make the tassel -- no special tools needed!

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2. Chevron Wire Necklace

DIY Chevron Wire Necklace

Just a few wire scraps turn into this darling necklace. Wear it alone for a chic vibe, or team it up with one or two simple necklaces. Want to add a little something extra? Add a single crystal or metal bead to each "V" shape.

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1. Embellished Chain Hoop Earrings

DIY Embellished Chain Hoop Earrings

Jazz up a pair of basic hoops with strands of chain and gems in your favorite colors. Pastel rhinestones are perfect for summertime ensembles, while all-black would look amazing for a night out. This easy project is great for using up those pesky leftovers, too!

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