6th Month Anniversary Dating Ideas

by Sherry Morgan

A 6-month anniversary celebrates the beginning of a committed relationship. The two of you are showing your dedication for each other and are watching the relationship evolve. Celebrate this anniversary by planning a date that will allow you to have one-on-one interaction with your partner. Incorporate a few of your partner's favorite activities or foods during the date for a thoughtful and loving touch.

Try Something New

Bring your significant other to a restaurant you would not normally visit. Whether the price is a little more than what you usually pay, or the food is unique, trying something new is always fun to do. If you prefer going to your favorite restaurant, order dishes you have not tried before and share them with one another.

Day Trip

Plan a daytime date to celebrating your 6-month anniversary with your partner. Drive to a lake, beach or quiet park and enjoy the scenery. If the weather permits, pack a picnic containing quick and easy finger foods. Listen to the sounds of nature as you listen to the waves or enjoy the calm scenery. Bring a camera to capture the best moments of the day.

Concert or Event

If a favorite sports team plays nearby, buy a ticket and plan a trip to the event. If sports are not something you enjoy, plan your date around a concert for a band you both like. Get the best tickets you can afford to get the most out of the experience.

Stay In

Enjoy your anniversary by focusing your attention directly on one another. Get rid of distractions such as cell phones, computers and any communication to the outside world. Grab a stack of movies and take advantage of the personal time while enjoying your favorite movies. Pull out the board games and challenge one another to a game of chess or trivia.

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