How to Reduce the Appearance of Broken Capillaries on the Face

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Broken capillaries are thin pink-to-red threads that develop on the nose and cheeks of a person's face. While these blemishes aren't a sign of a serious problem, you'll want them treated, but mostly for cosmetic purposes. This often leads to questions surrounding how you can reduce their appearance. Unfortunately, your options are relatively limited.

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Apply makeup to conceal problematic patches of skin. Though this doesn't remove the broken capillaries, makeup can reduce their appearance. Find a hue of makeup that best matches the tone of your skin for best results.

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Invest in a lotion or cream containing Vitamin K. Vitamin K has been used as a natural treatment for rosacea as well as bruising after laser treatments. According to Melbourne Dermatology, it can help treat capillaries under the eyes, so it may prove beneficial for some people suffering from broken capillaries on the face.

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Talk to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about electrosurgery. With this procedure, a needle is inserted into the blood vessel and administers an electrical current that prompts the vein or capillary to collapse, causing the blemish to disappear.

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Discuss the option of laser therapy. With this method of removing broken capillaries, a vascular laser emits pulses of energy that penetrates the skin and actually destroys the targeted blood vessel. The only drawbacks are the potential of pain and bruising. But both are temporary problems.

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Try intense pulsed light therapy. Similar to laser therapy, IPL delivers pulses of energy directly into selected areas of the skin. But instead of an actual laser, these are pulses of light. The light heats the blood vessel, clogging the broken capillary. Once clogged, it is absorbed back into the body.