55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 55th wedding anniversary is a real achievement that many couples never see. To commemorate such an event, the couple, friends or family members should be their most inventive so that the big day is celebrated in style. No matter what the budget, an extraordinary gift is possible. Here are some ideas to help you on your way.


The traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary is emerald jewelry, and that will delight any celebrant. For a woman, the options are nearly endless, including emerald and diamond earrings, an emerald and diamond ring or an emerald gemstone necklace set in beautiful platinum. For men, a shining emerald tie tack or cuff links would look stunning on a dark suit, while a small emerald in a gold band will show everyone the value of his marital achievement.

The modern equivalent of the traditional emerald jewelry is turquoise. A turquoise necklace or bracelet will go well with nearly any outfit a woman may wear, and there are many styles of turquoise rings suitable for a man.


Since a 55th wedding anniversary is a monumental occasion, a grand gift is in order. Treat yourselves or your parents, friends or family member to a trip to the Emerald Isle of Ireland. There are many planned tours available for people of nearly any physical fitness level, as well as numerous ways to get around the country on your own. Meet with a travel agent to come up with an agenda and housing options, or check out the specialty tour groups to get an idea of what places to see and what things to do. A once-in-a-lifetime trip for many, a vacation to Ireland will make memories that will help the wedding couple celebrate in style.

All Things Green

You don't have to have a big budget to celebrate a 55th anniversary, all you need is a bit of vision. Put together a "green basket" featuring all things green.

A traditional route on this would be to fill a basket with green candles, glassware, picture frames, linens or plants. An alternative to this would be a basket full of "green" products that are good for the environment, including gift items made from recycled materials, gardening items for an organic garden, organic lotions or even energy-saving lightbulbs. Although not the most romantic gifts, your green theme will be appreciated and will make a thoughtful gift from a son, daughter or family friend.

Fifty-five and Counting

Another light-hearted gift idea is to give the couple 55 of nearly anything. For example, a green jar full of 55 candies, 55 gift certificates for ice cream cones or slices of pie from a local bakery, 55 golf balls, 55 movie DVDs or 55 gallons of gas. Whatever the couple enjoys the most, give them 55 of it to commemorate their big anniversary and, in some cases, carry the celebration well into the months ahead.