Homemade Hair Creams for Transitioning Hair

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After using products to chemically relax your hair, you'd think it would be easy to transition back to your hair's natural state. However, switching from relaxed to natural hair is not a simple process. If you decide against simply cutting off your hair and letting it regrow, try mixing up a homemade hair cream to moisturize your new, fragile hair growth and prevent breakage.


When you stop using chemical relaxers, the transition to natural hair can cause your hair to become very dry and possibly even cause breakage. Goals during transitioning include moisturizing your hair and then sealing in the moisture with oils, healing the damage caused to it by harsh chemicals and preventing breakage. A homemade hair cream made of a base of natural ingredients combined with certain oils can help with this process.


Raw shea butter, coconut and yogurt may be beneficial to transitioning hair. Raw shea butter may help heal hair that has been damaged by harsh chemical relaxers. It also helps hold in moisture and soften hair. Coconut cream can be used as a homemade conditioner for transitioning hair when combined with plain yogurt, coconut oil and a small amount of lime or lemon juice. A combination of mashed-up avocados or bananas and various oils may also help condition hair.


Natural oils such as unrefined coconut, avocado, almond, olive and jojoba help prevent dryness and seal moisture into your hair. Other natural oils such as grape seed oil, coconut oil and carrot seed oil may also help replenish hair, while burdock oil may help treat dandruff.


After you've selected the ingredients for your hair cream, put them in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave them for about two minutes at 80 percent power. Blend the mixture with an electric mixer until it reaches a creamy consistency. Apply the mixture to your hair. To protect your hair further, wear a scarf or other covering, and avoid tight hair styles that may break your hair. Protecting your hair with a covering at night, such as a satin bonnet, may also help prevent breakage.

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