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Dreya Weber is well-known in the fitness world as one of the models in the popular workout DVD series, P90X. Weber is also a choreographer and actress with an enviable physique that she hones through a careful diet and rigorous exercise routine. Although she does not have a specific diet plan that she markets, you can eat like Dreya Weber by eating a clean diet and following principles of the P90X nutrition plan.

About Weber

Weber choreographs on-stage aerial routines for superstars such as Pink, Madonna and Cher. She performed aerial maneuvers at the medal ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. She has been featured in several films, notably “A Marine Story” and the "Gymnast." Weber also headlines theater shows in different venues, including San Francisco and Seattle. Weber’s role in the P90X series put her more in the spotlight as she is often called out by the series’ developer during workouts as an example of perfect form.

Diet Significance

Dreya Weber, born in 1961, has an impressive, well-proportioned body with washboard abs and lean lines for someone of any age. Her body allows her to perform extraordinary aerial routines on stage that require incredible core and upper body strength. While exercise is critical to her skills because she relies on her body for her income, Weber reports she is especially careful about her diet.


In an interview with Gaydar Radio, Dreya Weber reports that she loves fruits, vegetables and salads. Weber often shops in farmer’s markets and has an affinity for Mediterranean flavors. She sticks to an almost meat-free diet, but does not describe herself as a vegetarian. Whole grains also feature prominently in her diet plan. She does “cheat” occasionally with aged cheese and wine, rather than sweets.


Weber’s role in the P90X series might lead you to believe she is an advocate of its nutrition plan, which encourages lean meats, eggs, low-fat milk, fresh produce, nut butter, seeds, whole grains and fat-free condiments. She appreciates the holistic nature of the P90X plan, but does not report following the diet plan.

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