How to Prepare Baked Tilapia With Marinara Sauce Images

Marinara is an Italian tomato-based sauce typically flavored with an array of herbs and seasonings. Meats, vegetables and fish are commonly seasoned with marinara to add a soft and tangy taste. Tilapia has a soft-flavored flesh that is complemented well by marinara sauce. Serve tilapia baked in marinara on its own or over a bed of rice or noodles to flesh out the dish. Between 30 minutes and an hour is required to prepare baked tilapia with marinara sauce.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Combine the crushed tomatoes, dried oregano, dried basil, garlic powder, ground black pepper and salt in a large mixing bowl. Stir until the marinara sauce is well blended. Alternatively, you can use 4 cups of commercial marinara and forgo the seasonings.

Pour the marinara into a shallow baking dish. Lay the tilapia fillets atop the marinara, 1 inch apart. Place a 1 tsp. pat of butter or butter substitute onto the center of each tilapia fillet.

Place the baking dish into the oven and bake the tilapia with marinara for 25 minutes if the fillets are fresh or thawed. If the fillets are frozen, bake for 45 minutes.

Remove the baking dish from the oven and allow the tilapia with marinara to cool for five minutes. Serve the meal while hot.