What Is the Proper Way to Slice an Orange?

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Sliced oranges are commonly served as a light breakfast, a sweet snack or tangy appetizer. The appearance of sliced oranges is one of the highlights of serving them, as it displays the simplicity of fruit. However, if you slice the orange incorrectly, the presentation will be ruined and the fruit will be slightly more difficult to eat. The proper way to slice an orange requires approximately two minutes, a cutting board and sharp knife.

Rinse the orange under cool, running water for 10 seconds. Rub the skin of the orange with your fingers to remove any film or debris.

Place the orange onto a cutting board with the top facing upward. The top of the orange has a small, wood-like knot where the stem used to be attached.

Use a sharp knife to slice the orange in half, vertically. Lay the two halves cut-side down on the cutting board.

Slice the halves in half, vertically. If you wish to make thinner orange slices, repeat the slicing method with the orange quarters. Otherwise, serve the sliced orange immediately.