52 Faces: Sarah Larson Levey

Sarah Larson Levey

Sarah Larson Levey is the co-founder of the wildly popular hip-hop yoga studio Y7 known for its beat-driven classes and cleverly decorated spaces. Today, she shares her beauty routine, including the foundation she swears by and the gym bag staples she always has on hand when she's breaking a sweat. She also reveals the one celebrity she'd love to work out with (who is, surprisingly, not a rapper).

What's your daily skin care routine?

I wash my face every morning and before I go to bed with a Cetaphil cleansing bar followed by Dr. Christie Kidd's Fresh Pads and Renewal Serum.

Sarah Larson Levey

What makeup do you normally wear?

I typically don't wear too much makeup, but when I do, I use a select few products. For my face, I wear Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation, it's super light and gives amazing coverage. I also use Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage Concealer if I had a long night :). I do a quick sweep of Guerlain's Maxilash Mascara on my eyes, and a light dab of Josie Maran's Cheek Gelee for a bit of color, and end my routine with Glossier's Haloscope for a dewy highlight.

Sarah Larson Levey

Tell us, how do you get such amazing hair?

Honestly, I think it comes from not doing too much to it. I mostly let my hair air dry and let it do its thing (it works out about 90% of the time).

What do you always have in your gym bag?

Deodorant and a small hairbrush.

What's your workout gear of choice?

Black leggings (my favorite are Alo Yoga's Moto Legging) comfy sports bra (I love Phat Buddha), a loose muscle tank and Nike Air Max shoes.

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If you could sweat with anyone, who would your dream workout partner be?

Karlie Kloss, she always seems like she is having a great time.

What's your current jam?

I love the music app Hype Machine. They always have the best new music and unreal remixes.

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Are you a bath or shower woman?

Shower :). There is something so cleansing about it.

Are there any DIY beauty treatments you love?

I am what they call DIY inept... I try so hard but it's just not my forte.

Sarah Larson Levey

How do you destress after a long day?

A glass of wine and my bulldogs.

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What's the last product you used until there was nothing left?


What's the best piece of advice you've received?

I am very fortunate to have some amazing peers in this industry who I can always speak to. After a particularly frustrating day a little while back, one of my friends just looked at me and said, "You are doing your best; don't be so hard on yourself."

Who do you look to for beauty inspiration?

I love Jessica Alba. She always looks stunning without looking overdone.

Sarah Larson Levey

Words to live by?

Be here now.

When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

When I am at home cooking.

Sarah Larson Levey

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