52 Faces: Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke is the talented blogger behind burkatron, a lifestyle site featuring step-by-step tutorials for everything from hanging shelves to caring for indoor plants to creating pretty nail art designs. Her beginner-friendly projects have appeared in publications like Glamour, Elle, and Refinery29 — and you can even find a few of her minimalist home decor projects and easy nail art DIYs right here on eHow! Today, she shares her beauty routine, including the simple homemade lip scrub recipe she swears by and the best hydrating spray for achieving that coveted dewy glow.

What's your daily skin care routine?

Oh, wow. Well, in my 20s, I had a terrible skin care regimen. I never used SPF and didn't moisturize regularly (I'll admit to falling asleep wearing makeup on countless occasions!). Now that I'm in my 30s, I really look after my skin — well most of the time anyway!

In the mornings, I'll wash my face with Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser, tone with La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray and apply a light moisturizer or serum, typically Caudalíe Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum. In the evenings, I like to take my makeup off as soon as humanly possible. I use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm to melt away makeup, it emulsifies in water so it doesn't leave any oily reside, which I totally adore. After toning, I'll use a rich moisturizer like Liz Earle Superskin Overnight Mask or Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, they're super nourishing and my skin literally drinks them up. I also use Alpha-H Liquid Gold, which contains glycolic acid, on alternate nights. It's a must for anti-aging and skin brightening, but it's quite strong so I follow up with a light serum afterwards.

I also indulge in face masks at least once a week. My current favorites are Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque and Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. My boyfriend loves them too, so you'll find us both covered in clay masks most Saturday nights.

Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

What makeup do you wear regularly?

I tend to avoid liquid foundations and opt for a mineral powder foundation from Antipodes. I'm way to lazy to use eyeshadow, but I'll always wear either eyeliner or YSL mascara, and my Bobbi Brown Brow Kit is a must have to keep my brows groomed! I usually keep my lips quite natural, I stick to a lip stain like Benefit's Benetint or a tinted balm. Vaseline is another handbag staple — it's basically a multitasking miracle worker. I love dabbing it on my cheeks to cheat my way to glowing skin but it's also great for keeping brows in place and stopping my lips from being forever chapped!

Caroline Burke

Caroline Burke

How do you typically style your hair?

I don't really. I'm definitely a slacker in the hair department! I have a simple cut, so styling is pretty much limited to a hairdryer and a blast of hairspray to try and keep some volume as my hair is quite fine.

Do you prefer your nails natural or polished?

Polished for sure. I'm always trying out different nail art designs and styles. At the moment, my nail polish collection is taking over my house, so I'm always giving polishes to my friends and family! My favorite shades are usually dark tones like deep berry reds or black, if I want to make a statement.

What's the last product you used 'til there was nothing left?

Jane Iredale D2O Hydrating Spray which I use to set my makeup or perk up my skin if I'm traveling. It's the closest I'll get to faking the dewy skin I see on runway models, so I overdose on it on every day!

Is there a DIY beauty treatment you love?

A simple homemade lip scrub. If you have some sugar and honey in your cupboards, simply mix them together. It's a great exfoliator, and tastes pretty good, too!

Caroline Burke

What's one thing you do every day that makes you feel great?

I always take half an hour each morning to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee whilst I write my to-do lists. Writing lists always motivates me (well, it's either that or the caffeine!?) Squeezing in a late night Netflix binge is my other daily ritual, but I should probably keep that quiet...

What keeps you inspired?

Definitely Pinterest. I'm slightly addicted to pinning interiors and DIY projects! I also find blogs, magazines and social media a great source of daily inspiration, especially when it comes to fashion.

What's one thing you're totally addicted to right now?

I'm addicted to the idea of hygge, which is a Danish word that translates to coziness. Taken from the Danish lifestyle, it's about creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the simple things and special moments — from spending time with friends and family to enjoying a night curled up by candlelight with good food. Sometimes, I can get sucked into the vortex of social media, so I'm making a point to keep away from my phone and laptop in the evenings and focus on the little moments that are so easy to take for granted.

Caroline Burke

If you could grab cocktails with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and what would you order?

That's tough, but I'd say Alexa Chung. She's such a style icon and a bit of a goofball, so I think we'd have a wicked night (plus, I'd give anything to raid her wardrobe!). I'd most definitely order an Eastern Standard cocktail, I love fresh zesty cocktails and the cucumber and lime combination is to die for — throw in some vodka and I'm done!

When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

When I've stripped off any makeup, thrown my hair in a messy ponytail and pulled on my favorite comfy clothes, WINNING!

Be sure to follow Caroline on Instagram. Check back next week for the latest installment of 52 Faces, a weekly series that spotlights a real woman's beauty routine. Last week, Wesley Bird, a Southern California based artist, revealed her go-to beauty products, including the perfect skin care regimen for sensitive skin and the shade of nail polish that looks great all year long.