50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and Favors to Make

by Chelsea Fitzgerald ; Updated September 28, 2017

A 50th anniversary is a special occasion in the lives of a married couple. They've not only spent most of their lives together, but also made it through the hills and valleys that all marriages experience. Planning this type of celebration and making the party favors are not difficult. Keep in mind the personalities and tastes of the couple in order to focus all the attention on them. The traditional gift for 50th wedding anniversaries is gold, therefore you can work this into your party decorations, theme and planning.

Party Favors

If your budget is small, purchase clear cellophane bags and gold curling ribbon. Place individually wrapped chocolates in each bag or simply a favorite type of hard candy the couple enjoys. Tie each bag with the ribbon. If your budget is more substantial, purchase small gold-tone picture frames and take a picture of each guest with the anniversary couple as they enter the party room. Have a neighbor or friend develop the pictures while the party is in progress. Present the frames and pictures to the guests as they leave.

Party Food

Catering the celebration is a wise idea if you're the son or daughter of the couple or if you don't want to spend the evening running back and forth from the the kitchen during the party. As an alternative, you can have the celebration in the party room of the couple's favorite restaurant. If you choose to prepare the food yourself, providing finger foods and appetizers that are not messy will enable your guests to mingle throughout the room during the party. Most of these items, such as meatballs on a toothpick and cubed cheese and fruit, can be prepared ahead of time. Keep in mind the dietary requirements and preferences of the anniversary couple. If one of them has diabetes and the menu is full of sweets, he will feel deprived.


Consider the couple when you are planning the party. Some will enjoy a quiet setting with just a few close friends and family members. Others will enjoy a raucous evening of dancing and merriment. Play soft music in the background that you know the couple enjoys for a quiet, elegant evening, or hire a band or a DJ to play dance music. Another interesting idea is to use old home movies, slides or audio cassettes the couple has kept throughout the years to compile a short family history. Set aside a quiet room with the video running constantly on a television set. This will enable the guests to watch it whenever they choose. As an alternative, you can designate a time for everyone to watch it together.


Make your own anniversary invitations by placing a before and after picture of the couple on the invitation. One taken when they started dating or at their wedding and one taken recently will make a nice keepsake of the celebration. Using gold and ivory colors together creates a lovely, elegant scenario for the party. Helium balloons in these colors will make the room look festive. For the tables, use ivory-colored tablecloths and glass globes or bowls filled with white sand and gold pillar candles in the middle. Use gold napkin rings or tie white rolled-up paper napkins with gold curling ribbon for an inexpensive, yet festive touch. Purchase inexpensive gold picture frames at a dollar store or borrowed from friends to place around the room with pictures of the couple at different stages in their marriage. Sprinkle gold confetti on the tablecloths and food table to add to the sparkle.

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