5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Skin Routine While Pregnant

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Although skin care can be tough to remember during pregnancy due to all of the other changes and doctor appointments, it is actually a time when your skin needs the most attention! Whether it's pregnancy breakouts, dry skin, or splotchiness, our skin can feel under attack during different trimesters of pregnancy. Here are 5 ways to keep a healthy skin care routine if you have a little one on the way.

1. Hydrate Regularly

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Loading up on water is something we are reminded of often during pregnancy since it is necessary for both the baby's health and the mother's health. However, it is often one of the easiest routines to forget. Since you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, it's best to tote around a reliable water bottle to make it easier to remember. Water not only keeps us hydrated and healthy, but it also helps rid the body of toxins, including those that harm our skin. A good, healthy intake of water each day will prevent the skin dullness that is common during pregnancy and allow your skin to stay fresh.

2. Use Face Masks Twice a Week

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If you want to take away the dullness that can often take up residence on your face during pregnancy, use a hydrating mask twice a week. It will remove any dead skin cells, deep clean your pores, and leave you with softer skin. For example, this Black Algae Deep Sea Mask detoxifies and exfoliates your skin. I have already noticed improvements in the appearance and texture of my skin after a few months of using it. For best results, apply the mask before you go to bed, leave the mask on for ten minutes and wash off with warm water. Make sure and apply a good moisturizer afterwards.

3. Drink Green Smoothies

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The foods we eat play a major role in every part of our bodies, including the skin. When you are eating nutrient-rich green foods packed with vitamins, you can guarantee your skin will feel the difference. Since my pregnancy cravings never really included spinach or broccoli, I came up with a clean green breakfast smoothie that is sweet to the taste but rich in green foods and energy boosters. Even a few of these a week can help you boost your energy, and increase healthy looking skin.

4. Apply Lip Balm (And Reapply, Reapply, Reapply)

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Lips are another area that tend to dry out during pregnancy. Applying a hydrating lip balm each night before bed can prevent dryness and repair cracked skin. I use this rosebud salve which contains essential oils and cotton seed oil, which benefits not only your lips but also other dry spots like elbows and knees!

5. Opt for a CC Cream With Sunblock

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Since sun damage is the #1 cause of aging signs and damaged skin, it's worth working in some SPF into your daily routine. You can get all day coverage with a CC cream like Clinique's moisture surge color correcting cream. It not only provides SPF, but also lightweight color correction to enhance the overall appearance of your skin. After your usual cleansing and moisturizing routine, you can apply this hydrating cream for a smooth and even skin tone and UV protection for the day.