5 Cocktails to Refresh Your Happy Hour Routine


As soon as five o’clock rolls around, having some appetizing cocktail recipes in your repertoire is a must. But before you prepare another vodka tonic or old fashioned, think again. You don’t have to eliminate the classics, but to give your bar cart some on-trend personality, expand your standards with one of these unconventional infusions and unlikely pairings.

Raspberry Infused Vodka

Collect your colleagues for a post-work cocktail hour and serve some of this homemade raspberry-infused vodka. The fresh raspberries give the vodka a fruity flavor, and the vibrant color makes every drink as beautiful as it is tasty. No promises, but there may be a promotion in your future: team bartender.

Thalia Ho

Tropical Rum Punch with Avocado

Creamy and cold daiquiris are just what the doctor ordered, so gather your girlfriends and get the blender ready on a Saturday night. An icy tropical rum punch blended with smooth avocado will transport you to sunny beaches — no actual travel required.

April Anderson


Constructing a praiseworthy classic cocktail is an art in itself, so hone your skills by making a Negroni. This four-ingredient aperitif has everything a good drink needs — refreshing ingredients and strong results — plus an orange twist.

Jennifer Farley

Chocolate Vodka

The rich flavor of dark chocolate combined with the alcoholic bite of vodka makes this chocolate-infused vodka satisfying on multiple levels. Really, it’s so delicious either straight up or mixed into a drink-dessert-first martini, it’s practically addictive.

Thalia Ho

Bourbon Hot Chocolate

TGIF turns into TGFB — thank God for bourbon — with this boozy hot chocolate cocktail that will warm you up from head to toe. A homemade hot cocoa with bittersweet chocolate and bourbon is sure to be an ideal drink on a chilly Sunday night spent on a cozy couch.

Jennifer Farley--SavorySimple.net