How To Take Salt Out of a Dish Using a Potato

Radu Sebastian/iStock/Getty Images

Over salting of foods can be a mistake that will cost the whole meal. It is not easy to remove salt from a dish, but there are ways to minimize the effects of over salting food. One such way is with the use of potatoes. The idea is that the potato will soak in some of the liquid in the dish, in turn absorbing a good amount of salt. Soups, stews, gravies and the like would be the more practical choice of application of this method.

Peel a potato with a potato with a potato peeler. Cut the potato in half lengthwise with a kitchen knife and then into quarters.

Place the potato quarters in the pot. Let the contents simmer for around 15 minutes. It does not matter if the potatoes become submerged under the soup or stew.

Use a serving spoon with holes to fish out the potato pieces from the pot. These can be discarded or saved for future use in another dish.