How to Bake a Potato With a FlavorWave Deluxe

by Jennifer Loucks

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FlavorWave Deluxe is quick-cooking counter-top appliance manufactured by Thane International and endorsed by actor and professional wrestler Mr. T. The oven cooks food with a mixture of halogen heat, convection cooking and infrared waves. Thane International claims the FlavorWave Deluxe Oven cooks food faster than a conventional oven, with a potato weighing about 8 oz. cooking in 45 minutes. A smaller potato cooks in less time. FlavorWave cooks without fat for healthy side dishes and entrees. The FlavorWave Turbo is the replacement for the Deluxe model, which is no longer available through Thane International.

Set the FlavorWave Deluxe oven on a counter close to an electrical plug. Move all surrounding items away from the oven to prevent melting or burning them with the heat generated during cooking.

Wash the potato skin with cold water and vegetable brush. Place the potatoes on a clean towel to dry.

Pierce the potato four or five times with a sharp knife for pressure-release points during cooking.

Wrap the potato in aluminum foil, and set it inside the FlavorWave Deluxe oven.

Press the “Cook Time” button on the panel and adjust it to 45 minutes by pressing the “Start” button to the left. Press the “Cook Time” button a second time to hold the cooking time.

Adjust the cooking temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit if this does not come up as the default. Turn the “Start” button left or right to adjust the temperature setting.

Press the “Start” button to begin cooking the potato. The display time counts down to let you know where you are in the cooking process.

Remove the potato from the oven, and push the “On/Off” button to turn the oven off.


  • Cutting the potato in half lengthwise reduces the cooking time to 30 minutes.

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