How to Microwave an Egg in a Cup

by Marie Mulrooney

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A single fresh, raw egg is a low-calorie, high-protein food that also delivers several vitamins and minerals. There are several ways to cook and enjoy your eggs, from scrambled to poached. A quick, convenient method of cooking a single egg is microwaving it in a cup.

Grease the inside of the egg cup lightly with olive oil or a food-safe, non-stick cooking spray. This keeps the egg from sticking to the inside of the cup.

Crack the egg against a solid surface, letting the raw white and yolk slide out of the shell halves, into the cup. Use the tip of the knife to pick out any bits of shell that fell in with the egg.

Pierce the membrane around the yolk with the tip of the knife. This reduces the chance of the egg exploding in the microwave.

Place a piece of plastic wrap, or a lid, across the top of the egg container. The egg might still explode, despite your having pierced its yolk. The cover helps contain any potential mess.

Microwave the egg at half-power for two minutes, then check every 15 seconds until it's just short of done.

Remove the egg cup from the microwave and let it stand briefly until the whites are completely solid.


  • Eggs can also be poached in the microwave. Add water to the egg cup, then add the egg, and pierce the membrane on the yolk. Microwave on full power for 90 seconds, let sit briefly until the egg whites have hardened.

    Substitute a coffee or tea mug instead of a specialized egg cup.

    Create microwave scrambled eggs by mixing milk, egg and any add-ins, such as cheese or diced vegetables. Microwave on high for about 90 seconds, stirring once.

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