Can Vitamins Help Even Skin Tone?

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You're probably already eating a balanced diet and keeping your overall health in check. But if you really want to take further concrete steps toward evening out and brightening up your skin tone, choose from a selection of anti-aging, skin-balancing vitamins and apply them topically. Combining this with a healthy diet and a thorough skincare regimen will help you maintain a youthful glow year after year.

Getting Even

When your lifestyle is active and busy, it's natural to have occasional skin discoloration, whether from unwanted sun damage and aging spots or other conditions that cause changes in skin pigment and texture. Maintain your natural, even skin tone by choosing a vitamin C-infused facial cream to apply in the mornings. Vitamin C helps firm up your skin and even out discolored areas. At lunchtime, load up on potatoes. In addition to containing natural bleaching agents, they are chock-full of important vitamins that contribute to overall skin health, including vitamins C, B6 and fiber. In addition to including them as a diet staple, you can chop up thin slices of organic potatoes and place them on problem areas for about 10 minutes daily. To enhance the effect, apply a vitamin A retinoid treatment at night -- they are often marketed as night creams, as vitamin A's positive effects are generally canceled out by sunlight. Apply a pea-sized amount to help smooth out roughness and fade brown spots.