What is Carnitine Tartrate?

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Carnitine tartrate is a dietary supplement formally called Stalean, L carnitine tartrate, or L carnitine L tartrate (LCTC). This amino acid supplement has antioxidant properties and is used to combat fatigue, muscle weakness and support weight loss. Before using this supplement, discuss it with your health care provider.

Weight Loss

Carnitine tartrate facilitates fat burning. There is an ingredient in this supplement that helps fatty acids in the body become oxidized with the use of oxygen. The end result is weight loss. This supplement may also help with insulin resistance. Insulin is needed to transport sugar for energy use. When the use of insulin in the body is compromised, weight gain occurs.

Chemoprotective Qualities

Carnitine tartrate is believed to have chemoprotective qualities, according to the National Cancer Institute. Chemoprotective means there is a reaction in the body that protects your healthy tissue from the toxic effects of cancer-causing conditions from the environment. Basically, free radicals are combated so they cannot interfere with healthy cell formation. Specifically, the fatty acid oxidation that carnitine tartrate causes, provides this protection.

Potential For Hair Growth

Carnitine tartrate was used to promote hair growth in vitro in a study published in November 2007 in "Experimental Dermatology." In vitro means this procedure was not performed directly on a living organism, but rather, in a controlled environment such as a test tube. This study showed that carnitine tartrate increased energy supply to the hair follicles, resulting in stimulation of hair growth. It was concluded that this adjunct therapy is safe to use for hair loss.

Safety and Precautions

The FDA does not regulate, test or recall dietary supplements as they do with prescribed medications; however, they may intervene if there is an adverse event with a dietary supplement. Adverse events have to be reported by the supplement manufacturer. To be cautious, before taking carnitine tartrate, discuss the side effects, adverse effects and actions of the supplement with your health care provider or a nutritionist. This will ensure you are properly being monitored.