Soft Diet for New Dentures

by Stacey Phillips


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Going on a diet that features soft foods after getting a new set of dentures will allow you to eat comfortably as your mouth adjusts. Remember to incorporate all of the different food groups for a balanced diet that's chock-full of nutrients. Your soft diet may last for about a month.

Going Soft

When starting to eat with your new dentures, choose soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew the food on each side of your mouth to create equal pressure on your dentures. Good food choices include pasta or soft breads with no nuts or seeds, hummus, steamed carrots, peas or potatoes, easy-to-tolerate bananas or applesauce, eggs, low-fat milk or cottage cheese, and baked, moist chicken or ground meats.

Dental Recommendations

The American Dental Association supports the food choices recommended by the American Dietetic Association. Your mouth saliva and tongue and cheek muscles need time to get used to your new dentures. By choosing soft, easy-to-chew foods instead of sticky or tough items, you will adjust to your new teeth with gradual eating practice.

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