Ion Vs. Chi Products

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Do-it-yourself hair care has been revived in recent years with the advent of new technologies that can be used in the home without the assistance of expensive stylists. Of these technologies in hair care, high end brands, like Chi have emerged, while more affordable options like Ion have become popular as well. Both promise high quality hair styling with less damage to your hair.

Ion's Claims

The Ion brand claims to use the power of ions to create a healthier way to style your hair. Ionic products, such as hair dryers work by emitting negative ion charges and neutralizing your hair’s electrostatic charge. This process causes the cuticle to lay flat, creating a smoother appearance. While some of the Ion brand products do not use the ion technology, the blow dryers generally use ions.

Chi's Claims

The Chi brand claims to offer high-quality heat styling and is widely recognized for its flat irons. Chi flat irons and other styling products primarily use ceramic technology, allowing the even distribution of heat across the ceramic plates. Like some Ion brand products, Chi flat irons also produce negative ions to flatten and seal the cuticle for a smoother look. You should note, however, that Chi products are not marketed as “ionic” products, as other brands are. However, all ceramic products emit negative ion charges.

The Ion Product Line

The Ion line offers a range of styling products, including hair color, finishing spray and anti-frizz products. In addition to blow dryers, you can also find flat irons and curling irons in the Ion line. Though the Ion line offers ceramic technology for its flat irons, you can also find titanium flat irons, which the company claims evenly distributes heat and is long-lasting.

The Chi Product Line

Chi offers products almost exclusively for heat styling. These products include heat protectant sprays and creams, as well as shampoos to make heat styling easier. However, Chi also offers various styling products like pomades and hair sprays. In addition to the line’s popular flat irons. You can also purchase Chi blow dryers, which use both ceramic and ionic technology.


Though the Ion and Chi lines offer similar products, the greatest difference between the two companies is the pricing of the products. While the price of Chi flat irons begin at $109, you can find a comparable ceramic flat iron by Ion for $70. Prices are as of fall 2010. Another difference between the Chi and Ion flat irons is that Chi’s plate are pure ceramic, while the Ion’s plates contain both tourmaline and ceramic metals. This difference may not be of great significance to every user, though many believe that pure ceramic produces better results.