Red Bumps on Thigh Hairs

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At times, especially after shaving or using other hair removal methods, you may notice red bumps on the new hair growth on your thighs. The bumps can be accompanied with pain and tenderness, and they can swell and become embarrassing. By understanding the reason for these bumps and how to prevent them in the future, you can rid yourself of them.


When red bumps crop up on your thigh hairs, you'll likely notice red, swollen nodules. The bumps can be painful to the touch, and you'll likely see a tiny loop of hair protruding from the top of the bump. You may also notice discharge and itching accompanied with the bumps.


The red bumps that you experience on your thighs and where you have body hair are likely caused by ingrown hairs. These occur when a hair that has been cut grows improperly into the side of the hair follicle, rather than up and out of the follicle. This results in an inflamed bump with a hair shaft that looks doubled over, punctured into the skin. Ingrown hairs are caused by various skin care practices, but most often by shaving, dermatologist Esta Kronberg tells


Switching your main method of hair removal is one of the easiest ways of avoiding red bumps on the thighs. When you shave, you can sometimes cut the hair slightly below the skin's surface. When the hair grows back, there's a chance that it can grow sideways. The blunt edge of a shaved hair can also make the condition more painful. Waxing or using depilatories can stop ingrown hairs, as they both remove the hair from the follicle completely, resulting in a softer, more tapered new growth.


If you already have red bumps on your thigh hairs, the best way to treat them is to remove the embedded end carefully. Use a set of tweezers to lift the loop of hair at the top of the bump gently, until the embedded end comes free. Avoid plucking the entire hair, as it can leave the follicle open to infection. Spread on a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream, which constricts blood vessels to reduce redness and relieve itching.


If you have red bumps on your thighs, and they don't seem to go away, nor are they associated with your leg hair in any way, you may have a rash. Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to have the bumps diagnosed and treated.